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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Activity Days Welcome.

I love my Activity Days calling. First off I love that its twice a month, and Second I LOVE that it allows me to use my creative side and do cute stuff :o) This year we have 12 new girls coming into Activity Days (including my sweet daughter which I am excited about) which will bump us up to a total of 31 girls ages 8-11!!! And the majority of them are active. We have 4 leaders and break them up by ages. I am in charge of the 8-9 year olds along with another leader. To welcome in all of the new 8 year olds this year I made up welcome cans for them and thought I would share.
I took infant formula cans and sent them through the dishwasher, then covered them with wrapping paper. Inside I put a faith in God book, a activity calendar, an articles of faith card, a scripture marking pencil, daughter of God stickers and a candy bar. I also printed up a letter explaining what Activity days is and letting them know how excited we are as girls and leaders that they are joining us.


Elizabeth said...

I LOVE it! I am going to have to do this for my girls coming in this year. Now to find someone to give me formula cans. LOL.

Vivian said...

I love it!!! Looks like we have the same calling! It would be awesome to share ideas!!!

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