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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Box- Horsey.

My sweet daughter needed a Valentine's box for school for next Monday and those of you that know her know she is completely overly OBSESSED with horses. Of course she said she wanted a horse, so we got creative and made her this adorable Valentine card holder.

Constructed out of paper, cardboard, toilet paper rolls, soda pop bottle, ribbon, yarn and paint. Once the idea was in my head it came together really easily.
-First I cut a rectangular hole in the soda pop bottle (the horses back) for the Valentine's to go in.
-Then she painted the soda pop bottle and toilet paper holders red.
-Once they were dry we hot glued the legs together, glued red paper on top of the holes, then hot glued the soda pop bottle on top.
-If I had been thinking we would have put the paper hooves on first, I wasn't so it made it a little harder but all is well.
-Next I drew a horses head in photoshop(it kind of looks more like a cow face, oops... what can I say, I'm not exactly the best artist).I printed it out, traced around it on cardboard and a red piece of paper. Then I cut it all apart (the horse template) and traced the upper part of the head out of red, the chin out of pink, hair brown, etc... Then I pieced it back together on the cardboard with glue.
-Hot glue the head to the neck of the soda pop bottle, then to hide how ugly the neck of the bottle was we tied some ribbon into a bow.
-For the horses tail I took several pieces of yard folded in half, tied it with another small piece of yarn and then hot glued it to the bum.
-I took red ribbon and glued it around the sharp parts of the bottle where I cut the rectangular hole and lastly I cut her name out of vinyl with the silhouette.
She loves it, I love it and I am sure the kids in her class will too. Happy Valentines! Spread the Love :o)

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Lera said...

This is the cutest thing ever! Kudos to you on being such a creative and great mom.

Stef said...

Adorable! You are very creative.

Anonymous said...

So adorable! I'm sure it will be the hit of the party! :-)

Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

SUper super cute! My 5 yrs old daughter loves horses too, I should have made one like yours!!

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