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Monday, February 28, 2011

Family Food Album

I am completely obsessed with this idea... I LOVE IT! A Family Food Album! At you can create your own cookbook with their online application FREE! Parents and kids can type up their favorite recipes, upload photos, add personal stories, all in cookbook format. And seriously, it's FREE. What a neat idea to get kids involved in dinnertime now and how special to pass down to them later on. I started mine tonight and I honestly can't wait to get my 7 year old involved. We can add our favorite recipes, take pictures of us baking/cooking together to add to it, then we will use it to cook without throughout her years, and when it is time I will get to pass it on to her. I think this is such a very special idea :o) You could also do this with extended family, give them each the username and password and have them log in and enter in recipes and pictures to create a larger family cookbook :o)


Ladybird Ln said...

Hi Aubree, I love your blog, I spotlighted it today, and gave you an award if you are interested.

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